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Making Progress!!

Hi all!

We've been a little quiet this last while because there had been a frustrating lull in progress while we waited for finalised building plans and finances to clear, but I'm delighted to say things are moving along!!

We are now entering week three of an estimated 10 week build and there have been huge changes inside the clinic! Walls have popped up all over the place, we have pipes and wires and insulation to make sure your furry family members will be lovely and cosy when they visit us!

I will be posting an updated walk through of the site in the next few days so you can get a feel for the layout!

We have also confirmed orders for some of the more exciting things such as anaesthetic machines, diagnostic equipment, and all the tools we will need to give the very best possible care to your loved ones!

Laura's state of the art Cardiac Ultrasound scanner has arrived so she can start looking at hearts again, something she's very excited about!

There are going to be a lot of changes over the coming weeks so we will be posting much more frequent updates on here and on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Things are well on track for opening the doors in the second half of May, and we hope to give you a confirmed date soon!!

We'd love to hear what you feel the most important features of a local vet clinic are, so we can do our best to live up to your expectations and become the best practice we can be!!



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1 Comment

Mar 16

Cant wait. Laura is one of the most caring and dedicated vets you could ever meet.

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