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New Year - New Beginnings!

Banner outside site of new vet clinic
Banner outside site of new vet clinic

It has been a few months since our last post so we have a little progress to update you on!

An exciting step forward was planning permission finally being granted in November! This was a huge milestone and has allowed us to finally start making some changes! In December we had the great pleasure of watching all of the internal walls being pulled out, and the whole site being cleared of debris, ceilings, old electrics, basically everything! This has really let the light in and given us a much better feel for the space. As a result we have made a few changes to the plans for the final layout as we can envision a brighter and more pleasant space.

The next stage will be the most exciting yet. In January, we will be working towards securing a builder to do the build-out. Really see our plans come to fruition.

This week has seen the social media platforms go live, and we are really encouraged by the positive feedback we have had on this. Our banners have been hung at the site so that passing traffic can see where we will be opening.

In the background Laura has been working hard sourcing equipment for the clinic, to ensure that our patients will receive top class care.

We have posted a quick video tour of the practice stripped out on our facebook and instagram pages, so check that out if you are interested!

Until next time!

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